Giants’ Bradshaw takes shot at Tony Romo

New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw knows a thing or two about winning the Super Bowl.

His Giants, after all, just came off a championship win last weekend against the New England Patriots.

And when it comes to the Giants’ division rival Dallas Cowboys, Bradshaw knows they do not have what it takes to win a championship . . . at least as long as Tony Romo is their quarterback.

“I don’t see it happening,” Bradshaw told the NFL Network when asked if the Cowboys will ever win a Super Bowl with Romo at the helm. “I don’t think they believe it, and they’re America’s Team. If America don’t believe it . . .”

Bradshaw was asked to clear his comment, about whether he was referring to the team itself or the fans.

“It all comes together,” Bradshaw said. “If the fans don’t believe it, the team doesn’t. They’re kinda doubtful with Romo.”

Bradshaw did not leave out his other NFC East rivals either though, stating that he believed it was the Philadelphia’s defense that let the team down this season and that Washington needs to get their quarterback situation figured out before they can be a real contender.

Washington defeated the Super Bowl champions twice this season.

The Cowboys had two chances to eliminate the Giants from the playoffs in the last four weeks of the season.  In Week 14, the Cowboys blew a 12-point lead with 3:41 seconds left in the 4th quarter to the Giants.

It would be the first win of an 8-game win streak for the Giants that would finish last Sunday in Indianapolis.