Gary Bettman on Stars Sale – The team is not moving

Gary Bettman on Stars Sale – The team is not moving

Mike Heika – The Dallas Morning News

Hey guys, I’m awaiting a call back from Billy Quinn on today’s story in the Globe and Mail.

Jim Lites referred all questions to Quinn and I have not been able to reach Mike Modano.

I have been chasing Bill Gallacher and Tom Gaglardi for weeks like everyone else, and as David Shoalts says, neither will comment.

I did get this from Gary Bettman when I asked about the potential of the team moving from Texas:

“What is a number less than zero? The question is ridiculous. The team is not moving.”

Dallas is seen as a model Sunbelt franchise with a great arena lease and a strong infrastructure set up by the Dr Pepper StarCenters. There is a belief that this team will sell for a lot more than Phoenix or Tampa Bay, so it makes no sense to pay that much more for this team and then try to move it. The reason it has value is because of where it is.

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