Garrett: Romo has ‘one of the great jobs on the planet’

IRVING, Texas — Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is one of the most scrutinized athletes in professional sports and Jason Garrett doesn’t feel sorry for him.

Garrett was never the franchise quarterback of the Cowboys but backing up Troy Aikman gave him a pretty good indication of what that job title included.

“It’s the nature of the National Football League, it’s the nature of the Dallas Cowboys, it’s the nature of playing quarterback,” Garrett said Tuesday. “It’s just what it is. He wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Like playing shortstop for the New York Yankees or center for the Los Angeles Lakers, Garrett said some jobs just come with more scrutiny.

And when you’re an athlete in that position, you better win championships … or at least come close. Since becoming the team’s franchise quarterback in 2006, Romo has guided the Cowboys to one playoff victory and four playoff appearances.

“It all comes with the dinner,” Garrett said. “He’s got a position that’s one of the great jobs on the planet. What comes with that is some of the scrutiny. He understands that.”

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