Garret wanted to see Austin’s Irvin impression

IRVING – Cowboys coach Jason Garrett would have liked Miles Austin to do his best Michael Irvin impression in the first quarter of Sunday’s 29-24 loss to the New York Giants.

But instead of Austin knocking the long pass to the ground — like Irvin famously did during his career with the Cowboys — a Giants defender made the catch, resulting in Tony Romo’s second of four interceptions in the game.

With just under six minutes remaining in the opening quarter, Romo threw deep down the right seam where Austin was being defended by Corey Webster. The Cowboys wide receiver appeared to beat the Giants cornerback but had to slow up and adjust for the 50-yard pass. Webster eventually made the grab as Austin fell to the turf.

“Some how, some way you have to get that ball out of the defender’s hands,” Garrett said. “The defender was in a better position because he is outside of him. But we like that play for that reason. Dez (Bryant) is going to affect the inside safety and Miles is going to push out and that guy is going to be in outside leverage.

“The guy kind of shoved Miles down so Miles didn’t get a great jump at it but some how, some way, one-on-one at the end of the down Miles has got to knock that ball down. Is it a lot to ask in that situation when 23 is outside of Miles? Yeah. But you have to get to the point as a receiver where nothing bad happens when I throw you the ball.

“Michael Irvin’s greatest trait, his greatest trait, Troy Aikman would turn, throw it, one-one-one, nothing bad is going to happen. He’s going to catch it or he’s going to knock it down. He’s going to protect this throw. So the level of confidence that the quarterback has to throw it out there every single time knowing that nothing bad is going to happen really makes him so much of a better player and makes the combination so much better.

“So, it’s a hard thing to ask Miles to do because he wasn’t in great position. But some how, some way he has to get himself ready to go play defense and prevent that thing from getting picked.”