NFL power rankings

Brian Billick is an acclaimed NFL game analyst for FOX Sports and a Super Bowl-winning coach.

The Bengals take a big hit after losing the battle of Ohio and the Saints make a statement on Monday night.

1 Broncos 4-0

Peyton Manning is on track to throw 64 touchdowns this season, and while I don’t think he will maintain that pace, I do honestly believe he will finish the year with 55 or more.

2 Seahawks 4-0

The Seahawks have blown out the 49ers, eliminated the Jaguars by halftime and now have an impressive road win on their resume. In case you didn’t know it by now … this team is for real.

3 Patriots 4-0

Tom Brady has now thrown a touchdown in 52 straight games, just two shy of Drew Brees’ record, and he’s also just one touchdown shy of tying Fran Tarkenton for the most touchdown passes in NFL history.

4 Saints 4-0 +2

The last time the Saints started a season 4-0, they went on to win the Super Bowl!

5 Chiefs 4-0 +2

In just four games, the Chiefs have doubled their win total from a year ago and are giving up just 10 points per game. They are legit.

6 Lions 3-1 +8

If not for Peyton Manning playing completely lights out, Reggie Bush might be my leading candidate for MVP right now … and that is even with him missing an entire game due to injury.

7 Bears 3-1 -3

The Bears gave up three sacks against the Lions on Sunday, the same amount they had given up in the previous three games combined. Couple that with the fact they were a lousy 1 for 13 on third downs and they are very lucky that they only lost by eight.

8 Texans 2-2 +1

The Texans have been outscored 23-0 in the second half or overtime in their two losses this season. They need to figure out how to close.

9 Colts    3-1 +3

Andrew Luck’s 14th win ties him with John Elway for the most wins in first 20 starts by a quarterback selected No. 1 overall in the draft.

10 Dolphins 3-1

The Dolphins could have really used Cameron Wake on Monday night, but I’m not sure he makes up the 21-point difference. For as good as Ryan Tannehill has looked this season, he now has more turnovers than he does touchdowns.

11 49ers 2-2 +2

The 49ers finally found their running game with Frank Gore (20 carries for 153 yards) reaching the century mark for the first time this season.

12 Bengals 2-2 -7

Take away the first game of the season and A.J. Green is averaging just 46 yards per game on 17 receptions. Elite wide receivers can’t disappear like that — no matter who is lined up across from them.

13 Packers 1-2 +2

The Packers will be presented with a great chance to start their season over as they will come off their bye and jump right into a matchup with the division-leading Detroit Lions. A win this weekend could jump-start Green Bay for the rest of the season.

14 Titans 3-1 +3

I’m pretty sure that the Jets would have been flagged for the hit on Jake Locker had it been against Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

15 Ravens 2-2 -7

Joe Flacco’s five interceptions came against a Bills secondary without its two starting corners and their best safety. All the while, the Ravens attempted just nine rushes in the entire game. Nine!

16 Chargers 2-2 +3

For the second time this season, the Chargers had 500-plus yards of total offense and Philip Rivers threw for more than 400. Rivers now owns the record for the best completion percentage in a 400-yard passing game.

17 Cowboys 2-2 -6

Every time I want to buy into the Cowboys they go out and completely disappoint me. It’s like a bad horror movie: I run up the stairs when I should just run right out the front door!

18 Falcons 1-3 -2

The injuries in Atlanta are really weighing this team down … even the players that are playing aren’t completely healthy, and that is the reason the Falcons have matched their loss total from all of last season.

19 Browns 2-2 +7

So after throwing in the towel on their season by trading away Trent Richardson, the Browns are 2-0 since and are in a three-way tie for the best record in the AFC North. That sound like quitting to you?

20 Bills 2-2 +1

The Bills had 55 rushing attempts in an upset win over the Ravens on Sunday. That’s their most rushing attempts since Darick Holmes and Thurman Thomas split 56 carries in 1996.

21 Jets 2-2 -3

I said it on Twitter last week: I think the Jets limp into their bye week with a 3-6 record.

22 Eagles 1-3 -2

For years, the NFL average for offensive plays per game is just about 65 … the Eagles are right at 67. There are currently 10 other teams that are running more.

23 Panthers 1-2 -1

The Panthers will be coming off their bye week with two very winnable games against the Cardinals and then the Vikings. Both are on the road, but this is a good chance for the Panthers to climb above .500 on the season.

24 Rams 1-3 -1

The Rams nearly punted the ball more times (11) than they had rushing yards (18) against the 49ers. Ouch.

25 Cardinals 2-2 -1

The Cardinals converted on just one third down on Sunday … just one, but still completed a 10-point comeback in the fourth quarter against the Bucs.

26 Vikings 1-3 +4

The Vikings receivers had their best outing of the season and so did Adrian Peterson. Does that Matt Cassel earn another start?

27 Redskins 1-3 +1

I went on record in last week saying that the Redskins were in real risk of going 0-4 with a cross-country road trip to Oakland. I was obviously wrong, but I’m not sure the outcome would have been the same had Terrelle Pryor been able to play.

28 Giants 0-4 +1

If there is one positive, the Giants did rush for a season-high 98 yards on Sunday.

29 Steelers 0-4 -4

The Steelers, a historically strong defensive juggernaut, are now just the second team in NFL history to go without a takeaway in their first four games.

30 Buccaneers 0-4 -3

The Bucs have lost nine of their last 10, but five of those nine losses have been by three points or less.

31 Raiders 1-3

Matt Flynn is who we thought he was.

32 Jaguars 0-4

There have been just four other teams in NFL history with less offensive production than the Jaguars after the first four games.