NFL power rankings

Brian Billick is an acclaimed NFL game analyst for FOX Sports and a Super Bowl-winning coach.

The Eagles and Texans both make big jumps after Week 1 of the 2013 season.

1 49ers 1-0

Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers rushed for 323 yards against the Packers in their last matchup and then threw for 412 on Sunday. Kaepernick is much more than just a read-option quarterback, and If I’m starting a team, I’m not sure he isn’t the first person on it.

2 Broncos 1-0

Welker, Thomas and Thomas each had two touchdown receptions and Andre Caldwell added one for good measure. That’s seven touchdowns in one game and Eric Decker, last year’s touchdown leader, is not even in the books yet!

3 Seahawks 1-0

It took a late red-zone fumble to secure the win in Carolina on Sunday, but traveling from West to East is always difficult. Especially playing the early afternoon game.

4 Texans 1-0 +4

The Texans showed great resiliency being down by three touchdowns on the road, but they aren’t going to be able to climb out of those deficits against good teams. Kudos to them for still winning the game that was also their wake-up call.

5 Patriots 1-0 +1

It was ugly for the most part, but they snuck out with a win over Buffalo, and that’s what most important. Stevan Ridley’s fumbling problem revealed one of the few bright spots for this offense in Shane Vereen, but now he will miss about a month with a wrist injury. Overcoming all this adversity early will make them better late in the season.

6 Packers 0-1 +1

Well, they figured out how to stop the read option, but they gave up 412 passing yards to do it. Even with a loss, they jump up a spot because they played a tight game against the best team in the NFL.

7 Bears 1-0 +4

The Bears may be without Lovie Smith and Brian Urlacher, but not much has changed. Led by Peanut Tillman, the Bears forced three turnovers, and that was too much to overcome for what many consider to be the best team in the AFC in the Bengals.

8 Falcons 0-1 -4

The young corners stepped up in the first quarter, but Drew Brees proved to be too much as the game went on. Still, had Steven Jackson held onto that goal-line reception, the Falcons would still be in the top five and sitting at 1-0.

9 Ravens 0-1 -4

All in all, this defense is actually more talented than last year’s unit, but they still need to jell and find a leader. It was a bad draw to have to play Peyton Manning in Denver to kick off the 2013 season.

10 Bengals 0-1 -1

What a selfish and boneheaded penalty by Rey Maualuga.

11 Colts 1-0 +1

Andrew Luck is a special football player, very special. That game-winning touchdown run reminds us just how good an athlete he is, too. But this defense is going to face much more talented quarterbacks than Terrelle Pryor this season. They need to tighten up.

12 Saints 1-0 +4

More than any other professional league, coaching matters in the NFL, and Sean Payton is proof of it. Rob Ryan is going to get a lot of credit for an improved defense, but Payton was the missing ingredient.

13 Cowboys 1-0 +4

Over the course of his career, you may question Tony Romo’s decision-making, but you can never question his toughness. What a gutsy performance from Romo after taking a brutal shot to the ribs just before the half.

14 Lions 1-0 +4

I want to believe in the Lions, and they are probably worthy of moving higher up in this list, but I want to see it in back-to-back weeks first. Reggie Bush was impressive in his Lions debut, but he needs to prove he can do it on a consistent basis and stay healthy.

15 Rams 1-0 -1

The Rams might have the fastest defense in the entire NFL, and the speed-rushing tandem of Chris Long and Robert Quinn are going to cause fits for offensive lines all season.

16 Eagles 1-0 +7

The Patriots ran a league-high 89 offensive plays on Sunday, and the Eagles were on pace to destroy that after posting 53 in the first half alone, but they had just 24 in the second half for a total of 77 on the game. For comparison purposes, the Redskins ran 70 plays.

17 Chiefs 1-0 +2

Yes, the Chiefs looked impressive in Andy Reid’s debut, but let’s not forget it was against the Jaguars. They have a tougher game this week against Dallas that will be a more telling litmus test for this team.

18 Redskins 0-1 -5

RG3 looked uncomfortable in the pocket and had no rhythm to his throwing motion in the first half. He was able to shake off the rust as the game went on, but it was just too late for the Redskins.

19 Vikings 0-1 -9

Adrian Peterson started the game with a bang as his first carry was a 78-yard touchdown, but he was bottled up for just 15 yards on his remaining 17 carries. Eventually, the Vikings are going to need Christian Ponder to win them a game, something he isn’t capable of doing right now.

20 Giants 0-1 -5

Welcome to Tom Coughlin’s doghouse, David Wilson.

21 Titans 1-0 +1

I’m not sure if the Steelers are any good, but regardless, this was an impressive defensive showing for the Titans. They were the worst scoring defense in the league last year, even worse than the New Orleans Saints — who gave up more yards than any other defense in the history of the NFL.

22 Dolphins 1-0 +3

They beat the Browns … let’s not get carried away.

23 Chargers 0-1 +3

I love Philip Rivers’ passion for the game, but I think his emotions are too up and down during the course of the game and leads to his inconsistent play.

24 Bills 0-1 +3

E.J. Manuel reminds me a lot of Steve McNair, and Sunday was just a glimpse into the success he can have in this league. Not too many people can say they had Tom Brady on the ropes in their first career start.

25 Cardinals 0-1 +4

It was fun to watch Larry Fitzgerald get to play with a competent quarterback again, but that isn’t always going to translate into wins.

26 Steelers 0-1 -6

Wow. The Steelers looked awful, and losing two key starters and one reserve player to season-ending injuries is a tough pill to swallow for a team that doesn’t have much to look forward to right now.

27 Panthers 0-1 +1

The Panthers invested the 14th and the 44th overall picks of the 2013 NFL Draft on interior defensive linemen and it showed on Sunday. The Panthers’ defense may be one of the most improved units in all of football this season, but their offense simply didn’t show up on Sunday.

28 Buccaneers 0-1 -7

It will be interesting to see how long this coaching staff sticks with Josh Freeman. I’m not sure they have a better option, but you couldn’t blame them for looking at this point.

29 Browns 0-1 -5

Tight end Jordan Cameron is going to be the breakout player of the NFL this season, but what in the heck happened to Trent Richardson? They need him to produce.

30 Jets 1-0

I know the Jets actually beat the Bucs on Sunday, but I just can’t convince myself that the Jets are the better team. They stay in the bottom three for now.

31 Raiders 0-1 +1

Terrelle Pryor is an impressive athlete, but he is not an NFL-caliber quarterback. He might make some plays, but he is going to cost them more games than he wins for them.

32 Jaguars 0-1 -1

The Jaguars had 49 yards of total offense in the first half and finished with just 178. What’s worse? They crossed their own 36-yard line just once in the entire game!