NBA power rankings

By Sam Amico

Hey, who needs trades? Not the Spurs, the only team that didn’t make one this past offseason — but they’re off to their typical glowing start, anyway. Meanwhile, the Knicks have surprised with their methodical approach to winning, while the Heat, Mavs and Bucks have all given fans something to brag about early.

1 Spurs 4-0 +5

It took all of one week for old standbys Tim Duncan and the gang to prove they’re not going away quietly. If at all.

2 Knicks 3-0 +10

What’s this? Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks playing team basketball with better-than-average defense? Hey, why should the Nets get all the hype?

3 Heat 3-1 -2

Defending champs look every bit as good, only now they have the deadliest perimeter shooter of the modern era, in Ray Allen. How did they lose one?

4 Mavericks 3-1 +7

O.J. Mayo and Darren Collison. Two names you’d rarely associate with the Mavericks. But until Dirk Nowitzki comes back, they’ll have to do. Nice work so far, fellas.

5 Bucks 2-0 +15

Nothing fancy here, unless you count an opening night win in Boston and Brandon Jennings being named the first Eastern Conference player of the week. Something to be said for familiarity and cohesiveness.

6 Rockets 2-1 +20

Well, the James Harden era has started better than even James Harden probably thought. In this league, one-man shows can actually carry you places.

7 Clippers 2-2

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are every bit as good as last season, and Jamal Crawford has been everything that’s expected off the bench. But Clips still need to prove they can do something other than run.

8 Celtics 1-2 -4

Spent the first week looking like they were sort of going through the motions. No need to panic, though. Everyone knew it would take time for all the newbies to adapt to Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo.

9 Grizzlies 2-1 +1

Isn’t this the same starting lineup that beat the Spurs in the playoffs two years ago? Good for Grizzlies to have Zach Randolph back at full strength.

10 Pacers 2-2 -5

They remain the league’s most physical team, but people are taking them seriously now. The Pacers need to bring it every night if they hope to survive without the injured Danny Granger for a while.

11 Lakers 1-3 -8

All this talent needs to come together sometime, right? Right? Yeah, probably. Either way, when Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard are on the floor together, every game is winnable.

12 Thunder 1-2 -10

Taking some time to adjust after the surprising James Harden trade. But as far as we can tell, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are still here. Read: The kids will be all right.

13 Hornets 2-1 +8

Looks like another season of wondering about Eric Gordon. Anthony Davis appears ready to make Gordon’s status not a major concern, though.

14 Nets 1-1 -5

They seem to be getting used to the idea of everyone being healthy for once. And they might need some time to work in Joe Johnson. In the meantime, enjoy their cool new building.

15 Bulls 2-1 -2

Defense and frontcourt of Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng don’t overcome loss of Derrick Rose. But, man, they sure are coming close.

16 Warriors 2-2 +1

Golden State is lethal from the perimeter, and reserve Carl Landry is off to a career start. Should be a joy to watch, regardless of outcome.

17 Hawks 1-1 +1

Al Horford and Josh Smith will keep these guys intriguing. That’s more than you can say for some teams that undergo offseason makeovers.

18 Timberwolves 2-1 -2

Trying to stay afloat until Kevin Love (and Ricky Rubio) return from injuries. Not bad so far.

19 Trail Blazers 2-2

If you haven’t seen Damian Lillard yet, shame on you. Triple shame if you haven’t seen LaMarcus Aldridge.

20 76ers 1-2 -12

Too much heaving it from the perimeter early. All of that will change once Andrew Bynum makes his debut.

21 Magic 2-0 +9

Dwight who? Determined Magic spent first week pulling rabbits out of their hats.

22 Cavaliers 2-2 +3

Starting backcourt of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters aren’t letting little things like being 20 years old get in the way of a good time.

23 Jazz 1-3 -8

New starters struggling to mesh early, but it shouldn’t be long before the Jazz start pulling out some of the close finishes.

24 Nuggets 0-3 -10

Starting the season far from home just isn’t fair. They should be OK once Andre Iguodala gets to play some actual games in Denver.

25 Raptors 1-2 -2

Kyle Lowry already looking like league’s most underrated offseason pickup. Everyone else around him needs to become more consistent, though.

26 Suns 1-3 -4

Steve Nash looks a lot different with short hair and a stronger left hand. Oh wait. That’s Goran Dragic? OK, then. It’ll probably take some time.

27 Bobcats 1-1 +2

Kemba Walker has been mostly fantastic, but overall, the Bobcats are still young, growing and trying to show the world they’re better than Kentucky.

28 Wizards 0-2 -4

Can’t really judge the Wiz until John Wall returns, because right now, a lack of ball movement is what’s killing them most.

29 Kings 1-3 -1

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The only thing in question here is if there’s actually a will.

30 Pistons 0-3 -3

Unexpectedly looked not only young, but disjointed, during the season’s opening week. Are these guys something more than that?