FOX Sports Southwest’s Dana Larson graces cover of ADDISON Magazine

The Fox Sports Southwest anchor and reporter says the November feast is her favorite holiday. Given the love of sports that nudged her toward a career in broadcasting – and the fact that she loves pumpkin pie “probably more than anyone else in the whole world” – it’s an easy pick.

“It’s definitely a holiday that means a lot,” she says. “It means family, football and good food.”

North Texas sports fans know her from Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers telecasts, but it’s the Denver Broncos who remain her foremost sports passion. Larson was born in the Mile High City, and grew up during the John Elway glory years.

“That’s where I always say I got my sports roots,” she says of the few years she spent in Denver before her parents moved her and her older brother, Ryan, to Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1985.

“We were all about watching sports on that day,” she says. “I grew up sitting with my dad and my brother watching the Broncos or watching the Cowboys and Lions. That whole Thanksgiving weekend for us it was ASUU of A, Colorado-Nebraska, the big rivalry college games, Texas- A&M. Those were things that I loved when I was younger and I think were a big part of why I do what I do now. Those were just great memories with my family, a real close-knit family.”

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