FC Dallas scores on improbable goalie blunder

The MLS season kicked off on Saturday night, and one of the key opening-day matchups took place in Frisco, Texas between FC Dallas and the Colorado Rapids.

A new season means a fresh start, a way to get things started on the right foot.

But not for Colorado goalkeeper Steward Ceus.

Ceus allowed one of those goals that will be a part of every blooper real for the rest season on Saturday night, a blunder of a mistake that cost the Rapids the game, 1-0.

Just 11 minutes into the opening half, FC Dallas midfielder David Ferreira lobbed in a pass from midfield towards the Rapids goal. 

As the ball bounced 10 yards in front of the box, Ceus decided to make a run at the ball.

As Ceus jumped in the air for the ball with his arms extended to grab the ball, he realized he was outside of the goalie box, meaning he could not touch the ball with his hands.

Instead, he pulled his hands back and the ball sailed over his head, landing at the feet of FC Dallas’ Jackson Goncalves, who put the ball in the net for arguably the easiest goal of his professional career.

If Ceus had touched the ball outside of the goalie box on a scoring opportunity, it would have called for an automatic red card and Colorado who have had to play the next 79 minutes with only ten men.

Ceus started in place of regular Rapids goalie Matt Pickens, who missed the game due to injury.

But after this howler went past Ceus, it’s probably a safe bet that he wished he had missed this game too.