Fan torn over new American League rivalry

There never has been any love lost between the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros.

But there has always been a league between the two Texas teams that has kept them apart. On Sunday night, that line was dissolved as the Houston Astros joined the American League West.

Now, the teams are fighting over more than state bragging rights — they are fighting over a pennant.

And at least one fan on Sunday night found it more than a little difficult to decide whom to root for.

A photo surfaced online after the game of a fan debuting a half-Texas Rangers, half-Houston Astros homemade jersey.

Is it the worst jersey ever worn to a ballgame? Maybe not, but it is darn close.

The two teams feature a different button pattern, making this jersey more than just a little sore on the eyes.

Maybe fans of both teams should adopt a new rule. Only Astros jerseys allowed in Houston and only Rangers jerseys allowed in Arlington.