Ex-Wildcat Bruschi on Goodell: ‘I want a new commissioner’

Former Arizona Wildcats All-American Tedy Bruschi, a retired 13-year veteran of the NFL and current ESPN analyst, is calling for commissioner Roger Goodell to step down.

Bruschi, passionate as always, made his comments on ESPN2 following Goodell’s widely-panned news conference to address recent domestic violence issues involved in domestic violence.

"As long as Roger Goodell is leading the NFL and he’s the face behind the shield, you will have the same emotions you had today watching this press conference — listening to him speak in circles, wondering, ‘Man, what is this guy talking about?’" Bruschi said.

"So, as you continue to move forward and Roger Goodell is the commissioner, you will continue to feel that way every time you see him. In my personal opinion, being a former player that spent 13 years in this league trying to do the right thing, I want a new commissioner to lead my league.

"I want a new commissioner to go out there and say the right things and be that leader because right now Roger Goodell is not that and I don’t think he can ever be that. Roger Goodell needs to step down and move on. The big reset needs to be pushed on the entire NFL right now and it starts by Roger Goodell stepping down."

Goodell, in his press conference, said he wants the league to have new personal conduct policies in place by the Super Bowl.

"We need something concrete right now," Bruschi said. "By the Super Bowl? That’s months from now."

Bruschi concluded his segment on ESPN2 with these words about Goodell:

"I will listen to him, but in listening to him, I will doubt. I will doubt every word that comes out of his mouth because of the way he was today and how he wasn’t a leader and he gave us nothing — nothing — to try to fix the problems that the NFL has."

With a very different perspective, FOX Sports reporter Pam Oliver said Goodell’s press conference addressed all the right issues.