Emmitt Smith: Cowboys ‘need Felix to step up’

Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin helped the Cowboys win three Super Bowls during their Hall of Fame careers. The franchise has one playoff victory since their run in the mid-1990s.

So, who better to ask about the current state of the organization than three of the most popular players to ever wear the Cowboys uniform?

The Triplets, who have each worked as NFL TV analysts since hanging up their helmets, joined their 1992 teammates at a dinner in Frisco to honor the 20-year anniversary of their first Super Bowl title.

Before the event started, Aikman, Smith and Irvin joined dinner host Rich Eisen of the NFL Network for The Rich Eisen Podcast. After reminiscing about their time together on the field, each took a few minutes to give their opinion on today’s team.

In the first part of a three part series, here is what Smith had to say.

“I think Jason Garrett is the guy for this team. I really do believe that in my heart. I think Jason is trying to implement some of the things that we learned from Jimmy [Johnson]. Unfortunately, they can’t do it all because the rule changes themselves have limited the ability to do certain things. But I also believe that he has a talented enough offense right now, in terms of the wide receiving core. No disrespect to us three, but when you look at the overall core, I think they’re probably more balanced there. I mean, with the wide receivers from Miles Austin to Dez Bryant and Jason Witten and some others.

“Then when you look at the running back core, they have two good guys, very good guys. And either one of them can shoulder the load or shoulder the burden at any point and time. Now, do we need Felix Jones to step up? Because we know that DeMarco Murray can make it happen. We need Felix to step up a little bit. That’s a true statement.

“But at the end of the day, Tony Romo is the guy and I think he should be the guy for this ballclub for a long time. I like the way he has matured into the position. Defensively, we went out there and we got some guys, so I feel very good about our ballclub. I really do. Notice, I said ‘our ballclub.’ Many people don’t think of it as our ball club, but it is our ballclub. And I feel good about where we are. We just need the ball to bounce our way a little bit.”

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