Durant vs. Nuggets: Shot of the year?

Some things you just have to see to believe.

Case-in-point … the insane circus shot that Kevin Durant hit Friday night in Denver against the Nuggets.

Now, we all know that the air is thinner in the Mile High City, which could be the only possible explanation for the amount of hang time Durant achieved this “Shot of the Year” candidate.

Starting at the top of the left key, Durant drove to the basket against Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler with his left hand, elevated in the air, switching the ball to his right hand.

As Durant approached the rim, Nuggets center JaVale McGee closed in from the weak side, causing Durant to float directly underneath the backboard.

But instead of kicking the ball back out, Durant decided to flip the ball up over his head with his right hand without looking at the basket.  The ball kissed off the rim and went through the basket.

Despite playing on the road, the Pepsi Center went nuts for one of the greatest shots we’ve seen this season.

Durant lived up to his “KD is not nice” motto with this one.  Durant caught so much air that even Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan would be jealous of this one.