Durant still tired of being considered second-best

For his entire basketball career, Kevin Durant has been number two. He’s placed second three times in the NBA’s MVP voting, he has finished second in the NBA Finals when his team lost to the Miami Heat, and he was second overall player drafted in 2007.

Durant has said it before and now he is reiterating it; he’s ready to be number one.

Being the second-best basketball player in the world isn’t a bad thing at all, not many people can say they have even cracked the top five, but for Durant, he is tired of hearing it, he wants to be on top.

“…People would just always say that it’t cool, you’re top three, that’s cool,” Durant said during an interview with ’60 Minutes Sports.’ “That’s good to be there. It’s alright to be a top-three player in the world… I mean, I’m just tired of settling for that, tired of saying that, tired of hearing it.”

While LeBron James might be hogging all the ‘number one’ hardware with back-to-back NBA Championships and the league’s MVP award, Durant is confident he will have another chance to take the top spot away from him.