Durant: I need to shut up

Quick, name the NBA’s league leaders in technical fouls.

If you guessed Carmelo Anthony, Matt Barnes, Kobe Bryant and DeMarcus Cousins … odds are you didn’t have much trouble answering this question correctly.

But you are missing someone.

The NBA’s “Mr. Nice Guy,” Kevin Durant, says it’s time for him to shut his mouth on the court.

“I just got to shut up,” Durant, who has nine technical fouls on the season, told The Oklahoman. “I’m racking ’em up, man.”

Oddly, Durant discusses his disgust of his on-court behavior at the same time Nike releases their latest commercial in their “KD Is Not Nice” campaign, which, ironically, talks about how great a guy Durant is and that he would never do anything wrong.

But for now, Durant thinks it would be best if he just shut up.

“I get too excited and voice my opinion when I shouldn’t,” Durant said. “I just got to shut up and play the game.”