D-backs, Dodgers say they’ve moved past pool incident

Of the Dodgers' party in the Chase Field pool last September, the Diamondbacks' Eric Chavez says 'nobody cares' anymore.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

PHOENIX — The Dodgers put the "p" in the Chase Field swimming pool last September, but no one made a big deal out of it in their initial return Friday, not even the crowd.

The Dodgers received only the normal jeers when they batted, with Yasiel Puig hearing it the most, as usual. Otherwise, it was calm. There was no unflattering signage. No lifeguard. No bouncers. 

Call it water under the bridge.

"Nobody cares," Diamondbacks third baseman Eric Chavez said matter-of-factly. 

Although the D-backs were upset when it was reported that the Dodgers urinated in the pool while celebrating their NL West-clinching 6-5 victory here Sept. 19, players on both sides anticipated just another game Friday, and that is the way it played out.

"Obviously I know it caused some ruckus and some heartache on some sides, but I know the intention wasn’t to do that. It was an act of excitement," said Dodgers center fielder and former Arizona State player Andre Ethier, who was not among those who went to the pool.

"I guess it just adds to what else is involved in this series and this NL West. Another headline. I don’t think it’s like ASU’s ‘A,’ where you can’t paint it. I don’t think it’s something like that yet. I think both sides are just ready to keep going and keep playing and figure out a way to beat each other."

Willie Bloomquist was upset that the Dodgers even charged into the pool, and both players and front office personnel called the peeing a lack of class.

Nobody liked the fact they jumped in our pool. It’s not life-changing, though. We need to beat the Dodgers as they are this year. … That’s what our focus is on, nothing more.

D-backs manager Kirk Gibson

"Nobody liked the fact they jumped in our pool. It’s not life-changing, though," D-backs manager Kirk Gibson said.

"We need to beat the Dodgers as they are this year. They are a very good team. They are very well-managed. They are very well-coached. That’s what our focus is on, nothing more. There is nothing extra. You have to keep truckin’ ahead and keep focused on the task at hand. There really is nothing else to it. We obviously tried to retool. They are the champions of the West. We need to beat them. That’s where we want to be. Nothing has changed."

Expecting retribution?

"Not really," Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. "It seems like incidents are here one year and they are gone the next, unless something fires it up.

"I don’t think it is going to be something that has any residual affects. We played them in Australia. We played them in spring training. We’re going to play them a lot this year. Anything can happen, but I’m not looking for anything to happen."

The Diamondbacks had basically the same take on the episode as they had in the immediate aftermath.

"We should have beat them if we didn’t want them to do it," second baseman Aaron Hill said. "It’s done with. It’s a whole new year."

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