Crazy basketball plan at Cowboys Stadium?

You’ve seen college basketball games played in football stadiums. It’s a regular thing now at the Final Four.

But so what? Have you seen four basketball games played inside a football stadium at the same time?

No. No you have not, but you soon will if Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis gets his way. Hollis is becoming known for this sort of thing. He’s the guy behind Michigan State and North Carolina playing on an aircraft carrier last season, and he has designs on bringing his act to Dallas.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis, Hollis is trying to set up a 2014 event at Cowboys Stadium involving four college basketball games being played simultaneously. You may recognize the concept from any summer basketball tournament you’ve ever seen, but as with all things Dallas, this is bigger.

“We’re going to squeeze everything into a three-hour time period,” Hollis told SI. “We’re talking with eight institutions right now that have a very high interest and have that weekend open, and we’re going to partner with the 12 [military] bases that are around Dallas, so we can make it a celebration for the guys at Fort Hood and others.”

The start times would be staggered by 15 minutes in order to simulate the home-viewing experience of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. A spokesman for the Cowboys told the Dallas Morning News the organization is “intrigued” by the idea.

If it works out, 2014 will be a big year for college basketball in Dallas, which is hosting the Final Four that year.