Coyotes’ Doan opens up on captainship, loyalty

Shane Doan is in his 20th season with the Coyotes and his 13th as captain.

The role of captain means more in hockey than perhaps any other major sport, and Shane Doan hold his title with the Coyotes very tight.

He explained as much — as well as his loyalty to the organization — in an article published Tuesday on The Players’ Tribune.

"I view wearing the C for this organization as a privilege, but also a tremendous responsibility. We all get told to keep our chin up from time to time, but I think it means a little more to a young guy when it comes from someone who has really been in the same position. A lot of times, being a good captain means being part hockey player, part human resources rep, part therapist. "I couldn’t have had better teachers to prepare me for this job. The three captains I had coming up were Kris King, Keith Tkachuk and Teppo Numminen — absolute class acts by every measure. "When you get brought up by great guys like that, you feel a responsibility to pass on their message. So much of this game is about respect, and when I tell a young guy something to improve, I’m paying my respects to Kris, Keith, Teppo and the other veterans who had an impact on my career. If I didn’t pass on that knowledge to the young guys, I would be ignoring a big part of my obligation as a veteran of this league. I’ve never seen it as a chore, but as a way to make my team better. That’s all I ever really want."

Doan is in his 20th season with the Coyotes — something he is grateful for, he wrote. But he had opportunities to leave and join other organizations, especially during some down seasons in the Valley. But he stayed.

He previously explained why on more than one occasion, but offered a to-the-point reason in the article:

"… my biggest reason for wanting to stick around all these years is simple: This organization drafted me to win a Stanley Cup, and I still plan to deliver on my end of the bargain."

You can read the whole article here.