Cowboys’ strength coach keeps Garrett in line, or rather behind it

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he can understand how a coach could wander onto the playing field the way the Steelers’ Mike Tomlin did last week.

“Very easily. Absolutely,” Garrett said during his Thursday chat with reporters. “We all have a tendency to want to get out there a little bit closer.”

Tomlin wandered into the path of the Ravens’ Jacoby Jones during a kickoff return. There’s a good reason why that hasn’t happened to Garrett.

“We have the best ‘get back’ coach in the business in [strength coach] Mike Woicik,” Garrett said. “He makes sure. You can be in the middle of calling a play and he’ll tell you to get back. You know, ‘Do I have to do that right now? Or can I get this play in?’  

“But he takes it very seriously and we take it very seriously. That can be a factor in the game, obviously.”

There’s another reason Garrett and any other NFL coach is concerned about staying off the field: the $100,000 fine the NFL handed down to Tomlin.

“I think that’s probably a good deterrent for everybody,” Garrett said, chuckling.

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