Cowboys No. 1 when it comes to social media

No one is confusing the 6-6 Dallas Cowboys for the top team in the NFL. That honor would probably go to one of the 13 teams that have a winning record.
But the Cowboys continue to lead in an area that didn’t exist when the franchise was winning its Super Bowls – social media popularity.
The Cowboys’ official Facebook page has over five million likes, over 400,000 more than the second place Pittsburgh Steelers.
The Cowboys’ social media prowess has also carried over to Twitter. Although the Cowboys don’t hold the top spot, they are second with over 472,000 followers. The New York Jets are No. 1 as they close in on 509,000 followers.
According to, the combination of Cowboys followers on the two sites makes the Dallas franchise No. 1 in the social media power rankings.
The top five consisted of the Cowboys, who scored a 96, followed by the Green Bay Packers (90), Steelers (88), New England Patriots (83) and Baltimore Ravens (78).
The numbers say it’s going to take more than Tony Romo and company possibly missing the playoffs for the fourth time in five seasons to knock the Cowboys off their social media perch.