Cowboys’ draft rankings over the last decade

The Cowboys have acquired some good players via the NFL Draft over the last five years. Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Tyron Smith, Bruce Carter, DeMarco Murray and Morris Claiborne are a few that stand out.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean those drafts have been successful. In fact, according to Tony Villioti of, only the San Diego Chargers have drafted worse than the Cowboys over the last five years. measured and ranked all 32 teams according to their drafting success over the last five years and the last 10 years. The Cowboys placed sixth in the 10-year rankings.

The charts also indicate that although the Cowboys finished 31st over the last five years they finished right about where they were expected (28th). The website calculated “a rough approximations of how the team’s should have performed in relation to each other using (1) the number of draft selections a team had in the top three rounds, (2) the total number of draft selections and (3) its draft position.”

What’s the reason for such a high placement over the last 10 years? Well, look no further than the Cowboys’ 2005 draft class. The site ranked it along with the 2004 San Diego and 2008 Kansas City drafts as the best individual draft classes to date.

In 2005, the Cowboys drafted DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears in the first round, linebacker Kevin Burnett in the second, Marion Barber and Chris Canty in the fourth, defensive back Justin Beriault and offensive tackle Rob Petitti in the sixth and Jay Ratliff in the seventh.

The rankings are compiled by evaluating total numbers of games started, number of players active for the 2012 season, average share of annual starts and Pro Bowls.

The Arizona Cardinals top the 10-year rankings and the Kansas City Chiefs are the leaders over the last five years.

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