College Football Quick Hits

Joel Grunberger, FOX Sports Southwest

College Football Thoughts:

Can’t spell ‘STUCK’ without TCU… Nobody expected TCU to actually jump past Florida, Alabama or Texas in the BCS after beating Utah, but it seemed reasonable to expect their point total in the polls to increase. Well, technically, it did. In the coaches poll their point total increased by 15 points (1262 to 1277) and in the Harris Poll by 55 points (2424 to 2479). Not a huge amount in either case. But here’s the interesting part, the vote totals for Florida, Alabama and Texas are virtually the same as the previous week, in both polls. So if TCU didn’t steal any votes from the big boys they must’ve taken them from the little boys. Cincinnati and Boise, both winners last week, were the unwitting donors to TCU’s latest poll totals. It’s nice to see TCU get rewarded, sort of, following a total beat-down of a ranked team, but small steps won’t get them to Pasadena. For that, they need one giant leap. See: upset losses to 2 of the top 3.

Line in the Sand … Now just in case the improbable happens, and the Frogs get kissed by the BCS princess, here’s some fuel for the hypothetical fire. Mike Seba is a senior odds maker for the Las Vegas Sports Consultants; they set the lines for many of the Vegas sports books. Asked how TCU might stack up against the rest of the unbeatens on a neutral field like oh, say, Pasadena, he said TCU would be an underdog against Florida, Texas and Alabama but favored against Cincinnati and Boise. Interestingly, the over/under in a TCU/Alabama match-up would be the lowest of all the games, probably in the neighborhood of 36 or 37 points. Here are the lines he would set:

TCU +9 vs. Florida

TCU +7 vs. Texas

TCU +5 vs. Alabama

TCU -7 vs. Cincinnati

TCU -3 vs. Boise St.

It’s No Coincidence … Cincinnati did something in their game against West Virginia they hadn’t done all year. They lost a fumble. In the TENTH game of the season, for cryin’ out loud, they lost their first fumble of the year. Through November 14, the Bearcats have turned it over a total of six times, fewest in the nation. And you wonder why they’re undefeated.