Chace Crawford: Romo excited about baby

Tony Romo is expected to become a father in the “next couple weeks,” according to his brother-in-law Chace Crawford, and the 31-year-old Cowboys quarterback is “over -the-moon excited.”

In October, Romo revealed to a group of Cedar Hill High School students, that his wife, Candice Crawford, was pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Other than saying he’s excited, Romo hasn’t publicly talked about fatherhood. However, his brother-in-law recently gave the inside scoop.

“He’s over-the-moon excited about it,” the actor told on Wednesday. “He’s just such a wonderful person … He was born ready to have a family, you know what I mean? So it makes perfect sense.”

During a radio interview last month, Candice said the couple had not decided on a baby name but added that she was happy it’s a boy.

“Lord willing, Tony gets to play for another three years, if he doesn’t get hurt or whatever, if we had a three-year-old, they can go to the games and have those memories,” Candice said. “[Jason Witten’s sons] are 3 and 5 and they go to all the games and they wear their little daddy jerseys, and so they have those memories. Not that a girl couldn’t because I’m sure she would have those too. It’s just different to have your little son there.”