Carwin Dominates Mir, Wins UFC Interim Heavyweight Title

Ben Rebstock –

On Saturday night at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, Shane Carwin destroyed Frank Mir in the co-main event of UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy, become the new UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion.  All of the experts said that Carwin did not have the experience to defeat the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, but “The Engineer” physically dominated the legend, finishing him off after six solid left uppercuts and a flurry of ground and pound.

After UFC President Dana White put the new UFC Interim title around his waist, we caught up with Carwin to get his thoughts on the fight and what his future holds.

Ben Rebstock: Congratulations on your win over Frank Mir at UFC 111.  This by far was the biggest test of your career to this point, yet you rolled through the former champion like you did your first 11 opponents.  Did you think it would be this “easy?”

Shane Carwin: I was confident in the game plan my coaches crafted.  I would never call getting in the cage with Mir “easy” and I trained for the war I was expecting. 
As you stood across the ring from Mir with a packed Prudential Center was on its feet in the co-main event of the evening…seconds before Dan Miragliotta said “Let’s Go, Fight Guys,” what was going through your head?  What were you feeling?

You can feel the crowd roar and that sends chills through your spine.  I was focusing on getting going quickly and imposing my will.
Mir was been working on his strength and he came into this fight looking like a bodybuilder, yet you pinned him against the fence and forced your will on him.  Were you surprised by just how much you physically dominated him?

No, I think size matters and I have a life-time of size and strength. I am not getting to this point, I have been here and I am just fine tuning myself.
What did you think of the separation at the 2:10 mark?  You seemed to be working for position and were landing uncontested shots to Mir’s legs.  This was the second time on the card that Dan Miragliotta seemed to react to boos in the crowd and not the fighter’s fight.  What did you think of that separation?

Not too much, I felt I was busy and I knew I was just going to try to pin him again so it did not affect me too much.  It was really weird as Dan was quick to break up the action but he seemed to let Frank get punched longer than necessary.  Maybe he is just a big Mir fan.
In the end, that didn’t seem to matter as you soon clinched and landed the left uppercut that was the beginning of the end.  Some nasty ground and pound followed and soon, you became the new UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion of the world.  After the fight, you were at a loss for words talking to Joe Rogan…now that you’ve had a little time for it to sink in, how does it feel?

I am still “wordless!” (This is how Carwin described himself to Joe Rogan immediately after the fight)  I am thankful to be supported by great coaches, teammates, family, fans, management and sponsors. 
Mir had ZERO offense in this fight.  How do you physically feel right now?  Any injuries?

I am 100%, I feel great. 
On television, when Brock Lesnar stepped into the Octagon with you, it sounded like the roof was going to blow off the place.  How high were the goosebumps standing on your arms as you realized that this HUGE fight is finally going to take place?

I am honored to fight the guy.  He has the only belt that counts. I have not fought a legend to get to fight for that belt, I am ready.
Lesnar called your belt “make believe,” and you yourself have said that Lesner’s belt is the only real belt in the heavyweight division.  How anxious are you to make history and unify those belts, drop the Interim-title….and hear Bruce Buffer yell “And NEW UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World…Shane Carwin” over the microphone?

I am ready when he is.  I hope he gets cleared and gets ready for a war.  
Congratulation again on the incredibly impressive victory tonight and we hope to catch up with you in a few months as you prepare for one of the biggest matches in UFC history.

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