Carr says Cowboys’ defense heading right way

Brandon Carr has found time to take a few vacations since his football season came to an end on Dec. 30. The Dallas Cowboys cornerback went to Disneyland with his daughter the first week of the playoffs because he couldn’t stand to watch the games on TV. He then visited New Orleans the week of the Super Bowl and made a trip to Miami last week for three days.

But despite the time away from Valley Ranch, Carr is familiar with the changes that have taken place, especially the ones on the defensive side of the ball.

“What I’ve learned in my five years as a professional athlete is that change is always constant in the NFL,” Carr said Friday before reading to children at Edward Titche Elementary School in Dallas as part of a United Way event to honor the birthday of Dr. Seuss. “Typically, you have the most change in the offseason. Typically, after finishing the way we finished, 8-8, middle of the pack, they’re looking for some answers.

“I think they’re making changes in the right direction, bringing in the right personnel. Hopefully, in the future (with players) and with coaches right now that they brought in, they can utilize all of us on the field and get the best 11 out there and allow us to play to our strengths.”

Former longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin has been brought in to replace Rob Ryan and transition the Cowboys from a 3-4 base defensive front to a 4-3. Kiffin most recently coached the D at USC with his son, Lane, but resigned after the season. Carr said he met Kiffin a few weeks ago and immediately noticed the energy and enthusiasm of the coordinator who turned 73 this week.

“He seemed like an old-school ball coach, a no-nonsense guy that makes everyone out there accountable for their actions,” Carr said. “The short meeting that we had he gave me a lot of information and insight. He let his enthusiasm rub off on me.”

Carr played in a 4-3 defensive scheme while with the Kansas City Chiefs so the switch might come a little easier for him. As for his teammates, Carr said because they’re NFL players, the entire group should be able to execute in any alignment.

“As far as going from a 3-4 to a 4-3, I guess only time will tell where this progresses,” Carr said. “Just talking to the guys, everybody has a good attitude and we’re eager to get back at it.”