Boos or cheers for Hamilton in return to Texas?

Rangers fans can influence the wallets of certain members of the Los Angeles Angels when they come to Arlington for the home opener on April 5.

The Angels have set up a clubhouse pool on whether former Ranger Josh Hamilton will get more boos or cheers when he makes his first appearance in front of a Texas crowd.

In case you want to place your own prop bet, Hamilton told The Dallas Morning News he expects to be booed.

“I got booed when I played there,” Hamilton said. “Why wouldn’t I get booed when I play there as an Angel?”

For the record, Hamilton was booed at the end of his five-year run in Texas when both he and the team were mired in a slump. By then, Hamilton was giving off the vibe of a disinterested player after also making a couple of fielding gaffes.

Hamilton was usually met with standing ovations in Texas. Rangers fans were especially supportive in 2011 after a fan died from falling in an attempt to catch a ball Hamilton had thrown into the stands.

However, a different uniform often brings a different perspective, as when Hamilton infuriated some fans by saying Dallas-Fort Worth is “not a true baseball town” after signing a free-agent deal with the Angels.

But on Thursday when Hamilton played against the Rangers for the first time in a spring training game, the slugger had nice things to say about the fans in Arlington.

“I loved Texas,” Hamilton told the Morning News. “The fans were great when I was there. It was a chapter in my life … and I enjoyed every minute of it.

“It’s great support when you’re getting 50,000 on a Friday night instead of going to high school football. That was fun. It was an exciting ride, and I wish them the best.”

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