Bonner haircut gets Spurs fan in trouble

One San Antonio Spurs fan took his love for power forward Matt Bonner just a little too far, at least according to his middle school.

Patrick Gonzalez shaved a picture of Bonner into his red hair for the Spurs’ playoff push.

But there was a problem when he went to Woodlake Hills Middle School with the new haircut.

“My first period teacher called the principal,” Gonzalez told FOX 29 News in San Antonio. “She told her it was a distraction.”

Gonzalez was sent to the principal’s office, but his mother said that the school gave her permission to get the haircut and that it would not be an issue.  Gonzalez now faces an in-school suspension if the haircut is not altered.

“We’re in the playoffs,” Patrick’s mother, Rose Gonzales. “He was feeling good until now, he was embarrassed.”

The school denies giving permission for the haircut, saying it was a distraction.

“There was no permission that was given if the parent thought that,” said Aubrey Chancellor of the Judson I.S.D. “If the parent thought that, then it was a miscommunication.”

The dejected Spurs fan plans to shave off the image.

“I’m kind of mad because I think they already knew I was going to get it,” Gonzalez said.