Bissonnette breaks down Iginla trade

The big NHL news

Thursday night was the trade that sent longtime Flames captain Jarome

Iginla to the Penguins (not the Bruins), already winners of 13 straight

and comfortable leaders atop the Eastern Conference standings. And the

Pens got the career 525-goal scorer without giving up any current

contributors or top prospects, sending only two mid-level prospects and a

2013 first-round pick to Calgary in the deal.


that came on top of two trades earlier in the week that brought longtime

Stars forward Brendan Morrow and Sharks defenseman Doug Murray to

Pittsburgh for another run at a Cup.

The deal has

been pretty thoroughly skewered as a lopsided one in the national media — keep in mind that Iginla had a no-trade clause and was able to choose

his destination, which of course limited the Flames’ potential return — but what do NHL players think of it?

If there’s a

go-to source for unfiltered opinions (on anything), it’s Coyotes forward

Paul Bissonnette, whose Twitter breakdown of the deal includes some

straightforward, everyone-can-relate praise for Penguins general manager

Ray Shero.

So in hockey terms, the

Penguins’ two prospects and first-round pick represent an apple, and

Iginla represents … um … quite a