Baseball date etiquette: Put the cup down

PHOENIX — Memo to guys taking a date to a ballgame:

If said date is seated to next to you as a foul ball comes your way, and beer cup is in one of your hands, you are strongly advised to place the beer in the cup holder or at your feet before making a heroic stab at the projectile.

Case in point, Monday night’s Diamondbacks-Rockies game, as captured by our FOX Sports Arizona cameras.

Our guy Steve Berthiaume was spot-on with his tongue-in-cheek post-spill analysis:

"There won’t be a second date."

Then he ad-libbed some likely dialogue: "You don’t understand. I had a shot at it. I had a play. I was a shortstop in my middle-school days."

Yes, those were some grins and giggles when all was said and done, but judging from the initial muttered reaction and sideways glance of disgust, it’s a fairly safe bet that Mr. Middle School Shortstop hasn’t heard the last of it.