Bad hair day for Cardinals’ Ellington against Jaguars

Cardinals running back Andre Ellington had a rough day on the ground Sunday, and not only because he was held to three rushing yards on eight carries by the Jaguars.

On a third-quarter Ellington carry that went for no gain, the Arizona rookie was brought down by his dreads by Jacksonville defensive end Jason Babin. The problem wasn’t the tackle, which was legal; it was that when Ellington got up, his dreads didn’t get up with him, as they were still in Babin’s hand.

The photo evidence:

Babin, for his part, seemed unimpressed, tossing the hair aside after he realized what had happened. Ellington probably felt the same, but at least he got the last laugh, as the Cardinals won 27-14.

Oh, and he got something else, too:

An unusual souvenir.