Arizona’s coaches featured in a (weird) recruiting video

Wondering what

Arizona football coaches are doing with their free time this summer? The

answer, of course, is dressing up like Wild West law men to make

dramatic recruiting videos.

Specifically, this one,

which hit the Internet on Monday.

So that exists. We’re

not sure what to make of it, though. It’s weird and entertaining and

kind of funny, no doubt, but what’s the message? Oh, wait — there it


“A man on a quest for the rose will

choose the right men for the job to continue changing the


The goal of recruiting pitches these

days is to be more creative than ever, but this one is in uncharted


There’s a lot of twangy guitar, a lot of

slow walking and a lot of

standing around smoking cigars. A guy gets tossed out of the saloon for

some reason, and another guys goes sliding across the bar while one


points at him. And it was produced by Rita


The whole thing is pretty light on

football, but people

are definitely talking/buzzing about it on social media, which is

worth something.