Arizona’s new Pac-12 tourney shoes include neon-green swoosh

If the Arizona Wildcats are to win their first Pac-12 tournament since 2002, they will do so in style.

Sean Miller’s team will enter next week’s event in Las Vegas as the No. 1 seed and with a shipment of new shoes. Nike, a couple of weeks after bestowing special Hyper Elite Distortion uniforms upon the Cats for their home game against UCLA, have sent the Nike Kobe 10 Arizona Wildcats PE to Arizona. describes the shoe this way:

"A bold, bright red and navy accents deftly match-up to the Cats’ primary colors, with brash neon branding sharply contrasting, a nod to UA’s classic saguaro cactus logo. Good looks meet school spirit, to great effect."

The beauty of the shoes will be in the eye of the beholders, but here’s good news for any superstitious Arizona fans: The Wildcats won the 1997 title with their point guard wearing new shoes in March. Mike Bibby created something of a stir when he nationally debuted the Nike Air Foamposite One, sporting a royal blue that didn’t match the school colors.

Some of his teammates later said they found the new shoe slippery, but the traction seemed just fine to Bibby, as he guided Arizona past three No. 1 seeds to the national championship. Final Four Most Outstanding Player Miles Simon opted for his Nike Air Max Up-Tempos, which he still keeps at his Southern California home.

This season’s Wildcats have varying shoe needs and preferences, and they end up using most of the color wheel in the same game — red, blue, white, gray. Stanley Johnson has opted at times for light blue or neon green. wrote that there is no plan for a launch of the new Arizona edition, but very conveniently provides a link to where you can create your own through customization.