Brotherly love for Millers

Sean Miller has Arizona in the Sweet 16 for the third time in his five years as coach.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

SAN DIEGO — Arizona coach Sean Miller said Sunday night that he was caught off-guard — something that rarely happens — when someone asked him his thoughts on his brother Archie leading Dayton to the Sweet 16 and Sean joining him there. Simply put, Miller said "it was very special."

Archie’s Dayton squad knocked off Syracuse on Saturday, a day before Arizona routed Gonzaga. Archie was Arizona’s associate head coach under Sean for two years before taking the head job with the Flyers three years ago.

"We’re both the product of a great family, but in particular our dad being who he is, was not only a great high school coach, maybe one of the best ever, but also a great dad," Miller said. "It was a combination of so much time spent (together) that he gave us an understanding of the game, a love of the game. I think we’re both coaches because of him.

"It’s a special day in my mind — more for him," Sean said of Archie. "We’re both so much of a reflection of how we grew up. Growing up in western Pennsylvania, that’s Joe Namath, Tony Dorsett and Mike Ditka and it’s football area, and it’s a great deal of pride being from that area."