Actress Olivia Munn raves about Jason Garrett’s humility

Jason Garrett apparently isn’t the type of NFL head coach who goes around bragging about what he does for a living.

An example of his modesty was on display when the Dallas Cowboys coach met actress Olivia Munn in February at an event during Super Bowl weekend in New Orleans.

Munn, who stars in HBO’s “The Newsroom,” is an Oklahoma City native who attended the University of Oklahoma. And while she’s a Cowboys fan, Munn didn’t recognize Garrett when he approached her and said he was a fan of the HBO series.

Munn recalled the interaction during a recent interview, explaining how the two discussed her approach as an actress. Garrett was so pleased with her outlook on being part of a team and not just an individual that he invited Munn to speak to his team.

But she didn’t know what team that was. When he said it was the Cowboys, she asked what position he coached. Munn was obviously shocked to discover she was talking to the team’s head coach.

“That’s how nice he is,” Munn said. “He’s not like, ‘Hey, I’m the head coach.’ I literally had to ask him every question. … He’s the guy when he’s talking to you, he’s not telling you he’s the head coach. It takes like 30 minutes to get to that.”

No word on if Munn will actually speak to the Cowboys.

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