Actor botches first pitch at Rangers game

Gary Sinise has been a lot of things during his acting career.

He’s been a Vietnam veteran and shrimp boat captain in “Forrest Gump.”

He’s been an astronaut in “Apollo 13.”

And for the last eight years, he’s been a detective on “C.S.I. New York.”

But one thing he has never been is a major league pitcher.

On Wednesday, Sinise got that chance as he took the mound at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to throw out the first pitch before the Texas Rangers/Oakland A’s game.

Unfortunately, the pitch only made it halfway to the plate.

Sinise wound up and looked to have good form, but the ball bounced in the grass well before reaching Rangers pitcher Scott Feldman, who was catching. Feldman lunged to his right and snagged the pitch, saving Sinise any further embarrassment.

A quick look over Sinise’s IMDB page will show you he has never played an athlete before in over 46 film and television credits.

Now we all know why.