According to Phil Jackson, Dwight Howard joined the Astros

So Phil Jackson isn’t the best at tweeting. That has been established.

But Sunday, Jackson address Dwight Howard committing to the Rockets and leaving the Lakers for the first time on his Twitter.

There’s just one problem. Jackson says Howard is joining the Astros, Houston’s professional baseball team, instead of the Rockets.

So, did Jackson take a jab at Howard or was it an honest mistake? Here are two points of argument:

JAB: One would think that after more than 40 years in the NBA, Phil Jackson would know it is the Houston Rockets. I mean, he did have to play them from time-to-time. Minus a few seasons in the 1980s, the Hall of Famer has been associated with the NBA since he was drafted out of college in 1967. The Houston Rockets have been around almost as long. (The San Diego Rockets moved to Houston in 1971 and have been there ever since)

According to a New York Times Magazine article in May, the legend is already an adviser to a couple MLB managers and may want to coach baseball in the future. He grew up playing the sport, so it’s not impractical to think Jackson has baseball on the brain considering that’s the only major US sport in season right now. And, hey, if Michael Jordan can play baseball, why can’t Jackson?

Either way, no word from Jackson’s camp just yet.

And who knows? Maybe his eleven championship rings were just getting in the way again.