12 hot topics surrounding NBA trade deadline

FOXSports and DallasBasketball.com Dallas Mavericks beat writer

Feb. 20, 2011

A dozen of the hottest NBA trade stories, issues and rumors afloat make for a dozen Sunday Morning Donuts, Mavs and beyond …

DONUT 1: Should the Lakers be worried enough to do a deal? How real are/were those Carmelo rumors?

I don’t see quick fixes for what few problems LA has. They’d like to swap out Artest, but he comes with two more expensive years. That’s the reality. Melo to LA? It’s a SportsCenter fantasy, I’m afraid. SportsCenter understands the value of inserting “Lakers” into any story, not unlike it does with “Dallas Cowboys.” It’s not at all indicative of substance.

DONUT 2: Can the Mavs stand pat?

Welcome to Shootdown City. All of the rumored stuff is in my wheelhouse and here goes: The criticism “Past their prime” isn’t analogous to “no good anymore.” People say that about Dallas and I guess they’re talking Kidd there