110 Sports Podcast: Tim Donaghy


Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy joins Matt this week to discuss his former boss, Ed Rush. They discuss the story surrounding him and his comments made about Sean Miller. Plus, he talks about his betting scandal and what life has been like recently.

Among his observations:

On the idea Ed Rush’s comments were made in a joking manner: “Everyone said there’s no way these comments were made in jest. They were seriously made comments. He wanted that guy (Arizona coach Sean Miller) targeted, he wanted him to fall in line and not in any way, shape or form embarrass the referees.”

On Rush’s history of this behavior: “Certainly he had a vendetta against (Dallas Mavericks owner) Mark Cuban similar to what he had with the Arizona coach, and he would tell us at times to stick it to him as much as we could because he created more work for us as NBA referees.”

On replay being used to help officiating in the future: “It takes the kind of bias out of it a little bit – wanting to stick it to somebody or wanting to play favorites. The bottom line is, you have to get the play right on the floor or a coach can go in a replay situation and have it corrected, I think it would really help the game.”

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