110 Sports Podcast: Steve Berthiaume


Steve Berthiaume, the play-by-play voice for the Diamondbacks, joins Matt this week to talk about his new job. He discusses the transition from ESPN, what he hopes the telecasts will sound like and why baseball is his passion. Plus, he offers insight into this year’s team and why he is excited about the outlook.

Among his observations:

On why he made the career change: “For me, it was a great, long love of baseball, and after being in the studio for 25 years basically and the last 12 at ESPN, I would always look at the guys who were at the ballpark doing reports and remotes and think, ‘Man, I have a great job, but those guys really have all the fun. They get to be at the ballpark and at the game and enjoy the atmosphere and the environment.’ I decided at one point that I got to figure out a way to make this career change because that’s really where I wanted to be.”

On what he hopes the telecasts will sound like with Bob Brenly: “I hope it sounds like two fans doing the game.”

An outlook for this year’s team: “I think it’s going to be a very competitive team, I think they can be the best team in the division, and I think they are going to be great to watch. It’s going to be a different team – it’s going to be very different from last year – it’s going to have a unique personality, and I think fans are really going to like it.”