110 Sports Podcast: Jonathan Cooper


Jonathan Cooper, selected seventh overall in the 2013 NFL Draft, joins Matt this week to talk about his journey to the Arizona Cardinals. They discuss the process leading up to the draft, impressions of the team so far, what the offense will look like under the new coaching staff and how intelligence can help win football games.

Among his observations:

On the NFL draft process: “It’s been crazy, it’s been hectic; I used to like to fly, now I hate it … going from not knowing where I’ll be to finding out and mentally preparing for going across the country. Then coming here and settling in and trying to learn a brand new playbook and fit in with a new group of guys, so it’s been absolutely crazy.”

On the new NFL Draft date: “I’m honestly glad that I’ve already been drafted because I felt like it was such a long waiting process after you’ve done everything you could possibly do to help yourself … So, I feel like it’s more of that sitting time, that’s pretty tough for the new guys.”

On what the offense will look like under new head coach Bruce Arians: “It’s going to look good … I think you’ll get a little bit of everything, prepare to be surprised I suppose.”


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