110 Sports Podcast: Charles Davis


Charles Davis, NFL and FOX college football analyst, talks with Matt this week about the NFL draft being moved back, what he expects this season from last year’s rookie QB sensations and offers thoughts on the Arizona Cardinals’ rebuilding. Plus, he comments on Notre Dame losing Everett Golson for the year and how that will effect the game against Arizona State.

Among his observations:

On the NFL draft moving back to May: “I think this (previous NFL) calendar works quite well as it is, and now you’re just extending time. I’m not sure what is being gained other than more headlines going head-to-head, and the NFL continues to dominate in something I think they are already dominant in.”

On excitement around the Arizona Cardinals: “I think the optimism is well placed having Bruce Arians in town — this is a guy that knows how to win and obviously did a terrific job last year … Yeah, there is optimism, but at the same time there is still a ways to go.”

On the latest Notre Dame football news and how it alters the matchup against Arizona State: “It affects it greatly because let’s face it, Brian Kelly made the decision last year that Everett Golson was his guy … Even when he played poorly in certain games down the stretch, he stuck with him … So, it’s a big deal.”


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