Rodgers: I’m not a fan of NFL’s tuck rule

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Aaron Rodgers didn’t like the NFL’s tuck rule when it first came into play 10 years ago. And after not getting the benefit of that call Sunday, the Packers’ quarterback isn’t about to change his mind on it.

With one minute to go in the first half of Green Bay’s 24-15 win over Jacksonville, Rodgers was sacked by Jaguars rookie defensive end Andre Branch. As Rodgers got hit, he attempted to make a throw but lost the ball. It was ruled as a fumble which was recovered by Branch, giving Jacksonville the ball at the Packers’ 13-yard line.

“I actually told the white cap, I said, ‘tuck rule,’ was my first thing,” Rodgers said after the game.

Given that it was under two minutes in the half, there was an automatic booth review. However, the officials confirmed the call on the field.

Rodgers, born and raised in California, was 19 years old when the infamous tuck rule play took place. Oakland Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson, now a teammate of Rodgers, sacked Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and caused a fumble. Upon review, it was ruled that Brady’s arm was going forward and the ball was given back to New England.

“I’m not a big fan of the tuck rule,” Rodgers. “I was actually pulling for the Raiders back in the day when Woodson made him fumble. I was living in northern California, pulling for Rich Gannon and the Raiders there, so I’m not a huge fan of it.

“It is the rule, and that being said, as I stepped up in the pocket, I felt like the ball was extending, I was bringing it back in, next thing I know I’m on my back and the ball’s not in my grasp. They recovered it, and obviously they didn’t think it fell into that great rule.”

Rodgers made sure to get that one last shot in there at the end. But the NFL’s tuck rule is here to stay, whether the league’s reigning Most Valuable Player likes it or not.

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