Peralta unlucky as Cardinals bat around in third inning

MILWAUKEE — It was just one of those days for Wily Peralta. One inning filled with a whole lot of bad luck left him with a pitching line unworthy of how he pitched.
While Peralta didn’t pitch great, he didn’t deserve to give up six runs and 11 hits in just 4 1/3 innings. The Cardinals scored all six of their runs in a 6-5 victory off Peralta with two outs in the third inning, aided by multiple broken bat hits, flares and bleeders through the infield. 
“I say it all the time, you see weird things and it’s not always fair,” Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said. “(Pete) Kozma leads off with a bullet that Ryan (Braun) dives for and catches. Then they proceed to get three bloops, broken bat, two other bloops. They hit a couple of other balls hard that inning, but then a couple of ground balls that just get through. Sometimes you make decent pitches and guys get hits but you usually don’t see that many in one inning.”
After allowing a bloop single to Cardinals pitcher Jake Westbrook with one out, Peralta gave up a broken bat single to Matt Carpenter before getting Carlos Beltran to fly out. The young right-hander then drilled Matt Holliday in the bicep to load the bases, and then the wheels fell off.
St. Louis followed with five straight hits to plate six runs, with only two being hit hard.  
“Those things are going to happen,” Peralta said. “The big inning was the difference in the game. I think I made good pitches. Three broken bats got hits, they had groundballs that found the hole. I just have to forget about it and get ready for my next one.”
Bad luck aside, Peralta wasn’t sharp enough Thursday to miss bats, which led to the Cardinals putting the ball in play and finding holes. 
“His offspeed stuff wasn’t as sharp as I think he needs to get it to,” Roenicke said. “He needs to be able to throw his slider for a strike when he needs to and he needs to be able to bounce it when he needs to. His change-ups he has to mix in more. His sinker was still really good; I thought it was down most the night. He has to command his pitches better. His outing wasn’t as bad as those numbers look like.”
In a season in which they know there will be growing pains, the Brewers anticipate ups and downs from Peralta in his first year in the big leagues. While his ERA currently sits at 6.00, Roenicke has seen plenty of good things from the rookie.
“He’s going to be good,” Roenicke said. “We just keep him learning every time out and I think he gets confidence every time he has a good outing. After he gets a few in a row, I think this guy is going to take off.” 

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