Packers to wear 1929 throwback uniforms Oct. 20

GREEN BAY, Wis. — They’re back. The Green Bay Packers’ 1929 uniforms will be worn by the 2013 Green Bay Packers for an Oct. 20 home game against the Cleveland Browns.

The Packers debuted these slightly altered throwback uniforms in 2010 and wore them again during the 2011 season, but they were not used last season. Both of the team’s previous games in those uniforms resulted in Green Bay victories.

The jerseys are blue and have a gold circle on the front with the player’s number inside of it. Unlike the 1929 version of these uniforms, the jersey now has a full-sized number on the back, as well as the player’s last name. That is now an NFL requirement to conform to the league’s uniform code.

The green and gold will be retired for one week this season, also trading in the current helmet for the old-school brown one.

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