New Packers OLB reignites Badgers fans’ resentment over bad call

It was easy for Carl Bradford to celebrate after the Badgers-Sun Devils game last September -- bad call or not, his team won.

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Carl Bradford might have made a bit of a miscalculation in his first public comments as a member of the Green Bay Packers.

The former Arizona State linebacker was on the field during the infamous ending on Sept. 14, 2013 when the Wisconsin Badgers lost on account of some questionable officiating. Bradford, the Packers’ fourth-round pick, laughed when asked if he stood behind the call that gave his team the win, but his response seems to have alienated some fans in the state of Wisconsin.

"Yeah, they got it correct," Bradford said.

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On that play, Badgers quarterback Joel Stave downed the ball (or attempted to down the ball) with 15 seconds remaining on the game clock. While several of Bradford’s teammates dove on the ball, he stood there with his hands on his hips and didn’t react at all.

The reason Bradford didn’t react was because, at the time, he thought Stave successfully stopped the clock.

"I thought he did, but it doesn’t matter — we still won," Bradford said with a laugh. "That’s what matters in this league, right? Getting the win? However you can."

For some on social media, this was not the best way for them to be introduced to Bradford.

Reactions included: "Cut him immediately," "well, he’s an idiot," "he’ll be the first rookie ever to be booed at home in the home opener," "immediately my least favorite Packer with that comment" and "well then he is a complete idiot they should make him a blocking dummy."

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However, not every Packers fan held Bradford’s opinion against him: "Good for him. He doesn’t owe UW anything," "sure, they snapped the ball too late, but AZ players and the ref sat on the ball for 10 seconds" and, perhaps most notably, "nobody will care if he gets 8.5 sacks in the NFL. Blame the refs Badgers fans."

Green Bay drafted Badgers wide receiver Jared Abbrederis in the next round, so he and Bradford are now teammates with the Packers. They’ll likely be able to put their differing opinions of that play behind them sooner or later.

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