McMillian stunned by Belcher murder-suicide

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Packers rookie safety Jerron McMillian knew Jovan Belcher, the deceased Kansas City Chiefs linebacker who murdered his girlfriend Saturday and then committed suicide.
McMillian and Belcher played one year together at the University of Maine. When McMillian was a freshman in 2008, Belcher was a senior.
Following Green Bay’s win Sunday, McMillian reflected on what he remembered about Belcher and how he heard of his death.
“Outside of football, he was a real good person,” McMillian said. “He always let you know what you needed to do better, he always communicated. The words he used to give you, they were inspiring, to make you work even harder. As a person, he was a hard-working person, too. Finding out something like this, it’s so tragic. It really hurts.
“I found out in the locker room (on Saturday). I was getting phone calls from players I played with in college that knew him. They were like, ‘You heard what happened?’ It was like, ‘Is it really true?’ It doesn’t really hit you until you keep hearing it, then you see it on ESPN. Then you’re like, ‘It really happened.’
“At first, somebody was like, ‘Somebody committed suicide,’ and whatnot. But they weren’t giving names at first. You’re wondering, ‘Who could it be?’ Then it was, ‘Somebody from Kansas City.’ And then you hear the name, you’re like, ‘No. Maybe I didn’t hear that right.’ And then I asked people, ‘Who is it?’ I was like, ‘No. This didn’t just happen. This can’t happen.’ And then you go on with the day, and you actually realize it did happen. I went on with the day, but I was hurting. I was hurting. Devastated.”

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