Lucroy will put in the work to bounce back

MILWAUKEE — With a cast covering the majority of his throwing hand, catcher Jonathan Lucroy said Friday that the surgery he underwent on his broken right hand on Thursday was a successful one.

And despite the fact that he’ll likely miss about six weeks of action with the injury, the Milwaukee Brewers catcher made it clear he won’t be taking any time off while recovering. Since his left hand is healthy, Lucroy will still be able to catch bullpen sessions.

He still won’t be able to throw anytime soon, but Lucroy said he’ll get a chance to track pitches by watching various bullpen sessions, something usually confined to spring training. That way, he won’t miss a beat with his timing when he returns.

It would be tough to expect, when he does return, for Lucroy to put up the kind of numbers that he was throughout the majority of the early season. In addition to being the league’s best hitter with runners in scoring position, Lucroy had been batting a team-high .345 with five home runs and 30 RBI.

The nature of Lucroy’s injury made it one of the more unusual ailments the Brewers have seen in quite some time. Lucroy’s hand was broken when his wife dropped a suitcase on it while he reached for a sock underneath their hotel bed. The strange injury had prompted some hateful Facebook messages to his wife and a lot of questioning involving the nature of Lucroy’s story.

On Friday, Lucroy promptly addressed those questions.

“I can’t do anything about it,” he said. “It’s over with and done with. If they question it, that’s fine. I guess that’s their right. I really don’t care. I have a broken hand; I’m the one that’s suffering here.”

Despite his obvious frustrations, Lucroy isn’t too concerned about being able to bounce back from the injury. If he heals as expected, Lucroy should be back just before the All-Star break.

“The way I work whenever I’m cleared, I work harder than anybody,” Lucroy said. “I’m not worried about that.”

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