Gamel sitting out Arizona Fall League

MILWAUKEE — Despite some talks of injured Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Mat Gamel taking part in the Arizona Fall League to get the necessary reps he missed while rehabbing a torn ACL that he suffered early on this season, the Brewers final participant list for the league did not include Gamel.
The Brewers did add prospect outfielder Josh Prince to the list, which includes first baseman Hunter Morris, outfielders Khris Davis and Brock Kjeldgaard, and right-handers Nick Bucci, Jimmy Nelson, Kyle Heckathorn, Johnny Helweg, and Santo Manzanillo.
Brewers scouting director Bruce Seid confirmed last week that there had been some discussion of whether Gamel would join the roster, but no decision had been made at that point.
“When a guy comes in because of an injury, they’re coming there on a mission, and that’s to continue to progress and do the things they didn’t have time to do during the season,” Seid said, mentioning that it could be a good experience for Gamel.
In an email with, Brewers assistant general manager Gord Ash said that Gamel’s ACL had not healed enough for him to participate.
“Matt has not made enough progress physically to meet the timeline of the AFL,” Ash told “His plan is to continue to rehab and look to get at bats in the Dominican later in the season. He is making progress; we just don’t want to rush him back to meet the AFL requirements.”
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