Forget Kansas, there’s no place like Wisconsin for Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson isn’t in Kansas anymore.

The Packers wide receiver teamed up with Wisconsin native Jerry Zucker for a commercial to promote tourism in the state. So naturally, a Wizard of Oz theme for Nelson, who is from Manhattan, Kansas and played collegiately at Kansas State.

There’s no Lions or Bears (oh my!) in the ad for, but there is something you’ll find all over Wisconsin (or is that WizcOznsin?). No, not flying monkeys. Cheeseheads, of course.

Nelson leaves the black-and-white world of Kansas after running into a tree (insert your own pun about Nelson’s wooden acting) and ends up in the vibrant tints of Wisconsin.

The commercial makes a point to note the beautiful colors in Wisconsin in the fall. And Nelson, after being woken up in Kansas by his real-life wife Emily, smiles as he sees he’s now wearing ruby red cleats.

If only we could make that a reality for Nelson on Sundays. Of course, it might take some brains, courage and heart to wear those during a game. Hey, I think we found an idea for the next commercial.