Experts weigh in on Packers' draft picks

They say you need to wait at least three years to grade a draft -- but there's something to be said for immediate feedback, so we've rounded up expert analysis from around the web.

They say you need to wait at least three years to grade a draft -- but there's something to be said for immediate feedback, so we've rounded up expert analysis from around the web.

After all that build up and waiting, the NFL Draft is finally over.

The Packers added a number of new players. How good will they be? Well, they say you need to wait at least three years to grade a draft.

Of course, that doesn't stop people from grading the draft ASAP.

And let's be honest, while we all subscribe to the three-year plan, we also enjoy getting that immediate feedback.

So that being said, here's a number of grades and analysis from around the web of the Packers' picks, including some player and team grades.

Pete Prisco, Gave Ha Ha Clinton-Dix pick an A grade. "This is a great pick. They needed range in the secondary and they now have it. Love it."

Prisco (rounds 2-3) and Derek Stephens (rounds 4-7) also graded every other pick: Davante Adams: B "I like the pick of Adams for a team that lost James Jones. He will be a perfect fit for their offense."; Khyri Thornton: B "The Packers had to get more help on the line with age and B.J. Raji's contract situation. Thornton will fit in with his wide body."; Richard Rodgers: B "The Packers needed to get help at tight end, so they take one who can get down the field. He's a former receiver, which is the type of tight end they like."; Carl Bradford: B-plus "Bradford brings instincts, fundamentals and a tough demeanor to a Packers' defense that needed to bolster its group of linebackers. He lacks ideal length, but is a good athlete and offers the versatility to rush off the edge, or rotate inside and be a productive tackler with his toughness and instincts against the run."; Corey Linsley: C-plus "Linsley is a sound technician with nice short-area quickness and good awareness, who lacks size and power on contact. Little, if any, upside, but has starter potential at center, considering his smarts and technique."; Jared Abbrederis: A "Abbrederis may be this year's top route-runner, and plays with underrated physicality off the line of scrimmage. Great hands, and a firey competitor."; Demetri Goodson: C "Goodson could offer some developmental upside considering his raw athleticism, but durability is a major concern, and he's very raw from a football instincts standpoint."; Jeff Janis: B-plus "Janis is a big, physical receiver but still raw as a route runner, and needs to get better at securing the ball with his hands."

Prisco also did a team grade. He gave the Packers a B. "Getting safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was a must to upgrade the speed and range on the back end. They followed that up with some solid choices, including second-round receiver Davonte Adams."

Chris Burke and Doug Farrar, Gave Ha Ha Clinton-Dix pick an A grade. "Alabama prospects have drawn a bit of a stigma recently, with several of them struggling to make the transition to the NFL after taking on heavy workloads in college. Clinton-Dix should help put an end to that opinion. He gives Green Bay a rangy, smart defender on the back end of its defense, in a division filled with passing offenses and talented tight ends." Burke also called the Clinton-Dix pick one of the first-round steals.

Burke and Farrar also handed out team grades. The Packers got an A. "Few teams addressed obvious needs as aggressively and intelligently in this draft as the Packers, starting with first-round safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. The Alabama product can cover deep, and he's a great hitter from linebacker depth up. Three underrated receivers -- Fresno State's Davante Adams in the second round, Wisconsin slot man Jared Abbrederis in the fifth and Saginaw Valley State's Jeff Janis in the seventh -- should make Aaron Rodgers very happy. Cal tight end Richard Rodgers is the Jermichael Finley replacement -- a receiver who can flare wide and make plays. And Southern Miss defensive tackle Khyri Thornton will help a line in great need of young, tough talent."

Walter Football: Gave Ha Ha Clinton-Dix pick an A-minus grade. "The talented prospects just have a knack of falling to the smart teams. That's what happened here, as Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was projected to go as high as No. 10 to Detroit or No. 13 to St. Louis. Clinton-Dix was one of the better players available, and he will undoubtedly improve an abysmal secondary that gave up giant passing performances to nearly every team they battled this past year."

Tom Layberger, Newark Star-Ledger: Gave the Packers a B for their first-round pick.

Bryan Fischer, College 24/7: Has Packers among teams listed under "Passed With Flying Colors" in first round. "Once again, Ted Thompson just hangs around and has a potential top 10 pick fall into his lap in the 20's. Clinton-Dix fills a need for the team and should be able to play center field for the secondary early on."

Derek Stephens, Gave Ha Ha Clinton-Dix pick a B grade. "The struggles of the Packers' pass defense over the past couple of years have been well chronicled, but they take a big step toward improving their back-end here by adding the rangy, athletic Clinton-Dix. His instincts and recognition have been suspect at times, but there's no denying the natural fluidity and explosiveness that give him the ability to cover sideline-to-sideline, and he'll be a factor in the run with a strong first-step downhill."



Terez A. Paylor, Kansas City Star: Analysis on Clinton-Dix pick: "This is good value for the Packers, who need a free safety to play next to Morgan Burnett. Clinton-Dix is great at nothing but is solid at everything."

Sports Network: Analysis on Clinton-Dix pick: "Green Bay really wanted either C.J Mosley or Ryan Shazier to add some linebacker depth, but both are already off the board. So the Packers go ahead and sure up the defensive backfield with Clinton-Dix, who slipped a bit after being projected into the mid-teens. Clinton-Dix can play right away for Green Bay and will provide much-needed help deep in the defense. The Packers went with the best available player, and it will certainly pay off in the coming seasons."

Brennan Smith, Salt Lake Tribune: Gave an A grade for the Ha Ha Clinton-Dix pick.

Greg Bedard, "For the first time since Nick Collins suffered an unfortunate neck injury early in the 2011 season, the Packers have a legitimate safety. Can't overemphasize how important that position is to Dom Capers' scheme, and it had been patched together -- badly, as if with actual duct tape -- since then."

Ebenezer Samuel, New York Daily News: Analysis of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix pick: "As a defensively challenged Green Bay squad stops the slide of a talented safety. Clinton-Dix plays downhill well and will instantly help the Pack run defense. That's all Green Bay needs; it's [sic] offense is in good hands."

Yahoo Sports: Analysis of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix pick: "The Packers land a Day One starter at safety in Clinton-Dix, who was never a huge playmaker at Alabama but was very effective in a pro-style defense with some of the best coaches in the nation. This fills a need at a shallow position. Nice work."

Jake Perper, Chicago Now: Gave the Packers an A grade for the pick of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Gave the Packers a thumbs-up for their first-round picks.